The Pandemic is restricting us from meeting and growing our ministries. Presently these are the ministries waiting for the opportunity to meet once again. When they do, watch these pages for updates and launches. At this time there is no news but in a few weeks we will be coming back to life.


Peace Church Guild

The Guild takes on many of the service projects at the church. It has resumed meeting.

Contact  |  Tel: 123-456-7890


Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry has been unable to meet with the ongoing shutdown. Peace Church, the United Methodist Church and the Lutheran church have combined their teens and middle schoolers for ministry purposes. Contact Pastor Tim with questions, suggestions or just to talk.

Contact  Pastor Tim  |  Tel: 563-275-5215


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry have continued to work on their craft and ministry. They have provided Prayer Shawls for the immediate families of our recent members that have passed on.

Contact the church  |  Tel: 641-473-2802


Book Club

Keep watching for updates.

Contact  |  Tel: 


Prayer Beads

Our Prayer Beaders are made up of young and old alike. Prayer beads have been around since the time of the Israelites who used them as symbols to help all of us stay focused on God while we prayed. Recently the ministry made 70 prayer beads for the the employees at our local nursing home to demonstrate our appreciation for their care in the lives of our loved ones.

Contact  |  Tel: 123-456-7890


Bell Choir

Our Handbell Choir performs monthly and is an excellent opportunity to get involved, meet new people and celebrate your faith.

The office for more information 

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