Great things are coming for the young people in the Gladbrook area. Once the Coronavirus pandemic is over then the young people of Gladbrook and the surrounding areas will gather for lots of good times.


Gladbrook Community Kids' Club normally meets monthly from September through April of each year. Due to the pandemic, the in-house meetings are suspended with plans to return to in-house meetings in 2021.

We meet after school at UMC or Peace Church and are open to all 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders in the community. Our typical meeting begins with a yummy snack followed by Bible stories, skits, songs, crafts, games and Bible verse study. The afternoon tops off with a delicious supper. We pack all that into the 4pm to 6:30pm time period. Parents can pick up their kids at 6:30pm. 

While we are waiting for the proper and safe time to meet again, the leaders and pastors are planning monthly activities that can be distributed to the kids and their families. Since we are looking to serve all families and kids in our age range, we need help locating every child. If you are aware of children in 2nd to 4th grade and would like to see involved contact Dana at 641-473-2025.

We have something planned for very soon. Keep watching the website for more info.

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